Frequently Asked Questions

Are you open to new patients?

We are currently accepting new “routine” pediatric patients; we currently do not have the capacity to accept new patients seeking consultative management of chronic issues, e.g. ADHD, Aspergers, Autism, PANS or other inflammatory disorders. In addition, we are accepting new patients seeking our nutritional/wellness counseling services or our hyperbaric services.

Are you accepting “exchange” plans?

We are currently accepting Health Insurance Marketplace plans—as we have not yet been notified of any significant reimbursement reductions with our contracted payers that are providing such plans. We are monitoring our experience with these plans very closely, and we reserve the right to stop accepting these plans should we encounter any reimbursement delays or reductions.

Are you in-network with my third-party payer?

We are in-network with most commercial third-party payer networks; we do not accept any Medicaid-based payers. Please see the following table for the complete list of accepted payers.

2Beech Street PPO
3Blue Cross Blue Shield Blue Choice PPO
4Blue Cross Blue Shield Blue Open Access HMO/POS
8LifeWell Health Partners
10NovaNet PPO
12Piedmont WellStar

Why should I use the patient portal?

The patient portal allows us—both you, the patient family, and we, the Care Team—to interact electronically with one another in a secure, HIPPA compliant way. The ChARM PHR provides for the sharing of office visit summaries, documents, lab results, etc., direct messaging, allowing you to request prescription refills and appointments, and to pay account balances online. The portal is about making ourselves and the information about your family’s health care more readily accessible to you on your schedule. Unless there is a demonstrable hardship, we ask that all patient families establish and use a patient portal account.

How do I enroll in the patient portal?

The enrollment process begins by confirming the email address you want associated with your portal account. You may do so in our office during an appointment check-in or you may send us an email from the address you would like associated with the account.

Once the email address is confirmed, you will be sent an email invitation to that address to enroll the patient(s) in the portal. That email should look something like the following:

PHR Invitation Patient Portal Registration

Dear Patient’s Name,
You have an invitation from Vibrant Kids Pediatrics to create your Patient Portal account.
Click on the link below to register your account. If clicking on the link doesn't work, copy and paste it into your browser.…74Qcvcd7h
Please go through the user guide below for further assistance on account creation.
ChARM PHR User guide

Vibrant Kids Pediatrics
10 Market Square Way, Ste 100
Newnan, GA 30265

Map Icon Directions 678-423-5560
Please do not reply, it will only confuse the computer that sent it.

The email invitation contains a link that will take you to the ChARM PHR website to complete the enrollment process.

You can learn more about using the ChARM PHR by reviewing the user guide () provided by our PHR provider.

I forgot how to access my patient portal account.

We provide a link to the patient portal website () in the navigation menu at the top of every page on our website. If you have forgotten your username, please call our office and we can provide you with your username. If you have forgotten your password, you must follow the “Forgot password?” link on the ChARM PHR login page to reset your password.

I didn’t know a message was sent to my portal account.

Every time a new message, document, lab, invoice, etc. is posted or shared to your patient portal account, a notification email is sent to the email address associated with your account. If you did not receive this email, the notification was either sent to your junk or span folder or you—not recognizing the sender—deleted it fearing spam. All ChARM PHR notifications are sent from the email address, so be sure your spam filter is not blocking messages from this sender. The notification email should look something like the following:

Message Notification Message Notification

Dear Patient’s Name,
You have a new message in your Patient Portal account.
Follow these steps to view it:

  • Login to the Patient Portal
  • Go to the “Messages” section
  • Click on the message to view it

Vibrant Kids Pediatrics
10 Market Square Way, Ste 100
Newnan, GA 30265

Map Icon Directions 678-423-5560
Please do not reply, it will only confuse the computer that sent it.

The notification email contains a link that will take you to the ChARM PHR login page for accessing your account.

What do you mean by “third-party payer”?

“When you say ‘third-party payer’ are you referring to my ‘health insurance provider’?” Yes.

Words mean things, and we believe in defining things by using the correct words. In today’s healthcare economy, the majority cost of your healthcare is paid for by someone else—a third-party—who either is your employer or are your neighbors (via taxpayer dollars). Today’s “health insurance” is not insurance as classically understood. The language of insurance has been stolen to describe a system that is nothing more than a third-party paying your bills.